Deli Star's friendly team will come to your home or chosen venue to cook for you and your guests

Salad Menu

DIY BBQ and Buffet
Beautifully presented in buffet bowls ready to serve
$4 + GST per person per selection

  • Hot steamed vegetables, hollandaise, pumpkin seeds
  • Hot new potatoes, garlic butter, parsley
  • Caesar salad, crispy bacon, soft egg, parmesan, cos, croutons
  • Baby potato salad, red onions, Dijon mayo
  • Mediterranean pasta salad, chargrilled capsicum, eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, aioli
  • Kumara orange salad, spring onions, kumara crunch
  • Coleslaw, roasted garlic, fresh herbs
  • Roasted pumpkin salad, kumara, baby beet, cherry tomato, feta
  • Big mesculin, tomato, cucumber, carrot, red onion, parmesan, balsamic oil
  • Vegetable noodle salad, tofu, chilli, sesame dressing

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